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DNHS POLAND Sp. z o.o. was established in 1994 in Szczecin, Poland, as a subsidiary of the Norwegian company DNHS FISHING AS. Since then we have built our own reputation as a reliable supplier of a comprehensive range of frozen fish and fish products. Long term relationships have been developed with fish processors in Norway, Iceland, Holland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, the Far East and the Americas, giving DNHS the ability to offer a wide range of prime quality products at all times. Our base is situated in Szczecin, in the North West part of Poland, the fish trading hub of our country.
For the first few years we specialised mainly in selling pelagics such as herring and mackerel, mostly from the North Atlantic, and processed by Norwegian and Icelandic companies. Now, in addition to those products we offer many other popular species such as Alaska pollack, capelin, halibut, saithe, redfish, hake, hoki, panga, trout, salmon and eel. We source these species from many of the World's leading fish producing countries. Today DNHS POLAND supplies more than 200 companies in our own national market of Poland and in Eastern Europe. However our main market remains Poland.
To be up-to-date with our customers expectations we add to the offer seafood, exotic fish fillets. These are the highest quality products assign to HoReCa sector.
Choosing New Zealand lamb meat as part of the offer we are giving customers chance to work on consistent taste, tenderness and quality.
Currently as a interesting component of our offer we find frozen fruits.
Since 2002 DNHS has been involved in producing wooden pallets in our plant located in Szczecin area. We focuse on industrial pallets, produced in many different forms and always according to our clients' specification. In addition we offer plastic pallets, pallet collars and allied products. We are always pleased to work with new and existing customers to find good and competitive solutions to their pallet and allied requirements.
Satisfied customers are our main assets. All our efforts are aimed at meeting our customers' requirements in terms of quality and price at all times. We believe that a good transaction is only achieved when both parties to it are satisfied.
From the outset we have made it our business to establish a world wide supply network with specialist and well established processors and suppliers. These suppliers know our business ethics and our reputation, and have a good idea of our seasonal requirements. We know our suppliers and their reputations for high quality and modern QA technology. Put together that means that we will almost always be in a position to offer our customers the quality product they want - when they want it - and at a competitive price.
DNHS POLAND is owned and managed by Polish shareholders in 100%. In 2000 previous Managing Directors: Janusz Puzia (present President of the Board) and Maciej Konarzewski (present Vice President of the Board) became new owners of the company.
Our employees are the keystones of our business and our policy of recruiting well-educated, talented and responsible people has led to the success of the whole organisation. We believe that positive working environment at DNHS POLAND enables all our staff to further develop their skills.